This is what I call Strength.

20 degree weather, snow covered ground, and lingerie. Not quite the comfortable pairing of two extremes...the cold and the hot. Pun intended. :) These sessions were absolutely beyond extreme and fantastic. These two ladies were not only gorgeous, but so strong and brave for enduring the not so accommodating weather.

I was bundled up in a long sleeve shirt, coat, leggings, pants, socks, and shoes....basically, I was covered up from head to toe and I was cold. I kinda' felt bad for being so covered up while these two were shaking in their open toed heels....literally shaking so bad I thought their pantyhose were going to fall down...I bet they would have if it weren't for the clasps to hold them up. Whew! I was drained afterwards from watching them...

All in all, we had a blast. I learned to become one with the elk droppings, as they were covering every inch of the ground we were on. These ladies tried to become one with the crispy air....and oh boy, did they succeed for the most part.

*warning- extremely hot pictures follow*

*This is one of my absolute favorites!*

*it was requested that no "head shots" were to be posted* After all they went through, I willingly agreed. :)


Keeley said...

Love them! Incredibly hot, yet tasteful!

Boybarian Dad said...

I have 3 words for this post:




I like the processing on these, very nicely done.

Bree said...