Taking in some nature.

My family and I took a drive the other day to check out a potential spot for a photo shoot. It reminded me a lot of the country I lived in. Horses, cows, deer, trees, fields...exploring mother nature, except I was actually enjoying driving through it this time. I used to be a 'get from point A to point B as fast as you can' kind of person, but now I enjoy the drives pointing out everything to my kids as they look in wonder and shouting with excitement.

Our highlight of the trip was getting the car stuck in the snow. We ended up trying to drive to a spot off the road through what seemed to me a thin layer of snow, but it ended up to be about a foot and a half of snow. Thankfully, a nice gentleman drove up and happened to have a tow rope and pulled us out. I think he got a kick out of my husband slipping and sliding and falling on his rump trying to push us out as I was in the drivers seat revving the engine, snow flying 10 feet in the air, while the kids are both jibbering simultaneously, "oh no! we're stuck!, How are we going to get out!" It was quite humorous.

Anyway, no picks of the car stuck in the snow, but we did spy a coupla' deer, a few horses and our fair share of "moo cows".


kate said...

I love the horses! this would definitely be an awesome place for a shoot :]

Boybarian Dad said...

Very pretty , oh looks it's Bambi :)