Sara & Kamden

I asked if he liked getting his picture taken, and he said yes. We were off to a good start.

He showed me all his drawings he did in school; posted up trophies on the fridge door, posed for a shot, ran around like a crazy man, smiled for the camera, gave mommy loves, posed again. I loved how comfortable he was with me, although he didn't speak a word for the first 10 min., but I could tell he was enjoying the company with all the big smiles decorating his face.

Despite the really cold weather, we decided against better judgement and strolled around outside...just so we could freeze our fingers that I oh so love to do.

Sara showed me this cool little coffee shop/cafe, and we warmed up a bit before heading back out.

She also informed me that he's never hauled his ceramic dog around...I guess he thought his dog needed some photo love too.

Thanks guys for bearing the cold with me! I can't wait to do some more sessions with you!

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Tyra said...

LOVE the third pic down! These are great!