If the Boot Fits.

When I was little, I constantly played dress up with my mom's heels. I loved the way they clickity clacked on our linoleum floor. It was one of my favorite activities. I believe it's a favorite among all children. My kids love my shoes....they are always cluttering my floor and I trip over them at least once a day. I especially love to see my little boy struttin' around in my stiletto's, it's the funniest thing in the world. Needless to say, I've been forced to wear shoes other than the ones I had in mind due to my inability to find the ones hidden by the kids. I seriously need to lock them in a bin out of sight.

Today was, "tromp around in dad's boots" day. Little man was so hilarious as he had to lift his legs up to his chest to get anywhere. He was putting on quite the show.


Boybarian Dad said...

These images are sweet. I just got done showing my bride your work, Your artistry completes your images, thanks.

B Dad

Martelle said...

I love the formal print of the background with the rustic look of the boots and no clothes on baby. I also like the gold in the center of the design that pops or is brighter than the rest of the background. Very nice work. By the way I read your post about people leaving comments and your need for them... shadow walkers :) I would like to help and will leave more comments but want to be helpful. What are you looking for in a comment what do you need to hear that will best help you? I hope that makes sense. I am a reformed shadow walker and promise to leave comments, I guess it is a bit scary especially when I feel I am not very artistic at all but love your work. So.. from now on I will comment away!


Jen Olsen said...

Thank you!

Martelle, I am not in need of comments, but would LOVE them!

I like your observation of the photo!