Did you look up tonight?!

It was such a warm night, so the kids and I went outside for some fresh air and yet again, soak up all that melting snow with my non-waterproof shoes and right to my nicely chilled's not enough that I changed my socks like a million times today, why not go for round million and one? Don't worry, the kids had snow boots on, thus warm, dry feet. I'm just stubborn to buy snow boots hoping I won't need them when we move somewhere warmer and not wanting to fork out $150 for a pair. I'm having second thoughts though. It might be worth the investment so we don't have sopping wet pants and socks strategically hung over every single chair we own. o.k...moving on!....

It's amazing to me the way the sky can change form in a matter of minutes. How sweet it was for me to experience tonight's evening sky take form, then disappear in a matter of minutes...even better, I captured it on my camera! Check it out!

Minutes later, this is what I saw.....A-MAZ-ING! right?! They were both taken with a 50 mm focal, no, this one was not zoomed upon. Sweet, huh?!

So......did you look up tonight??

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