So I woke up this morning to a huge pile of snow blocking the front door. Spent 40 min. shoveling the stairs, sidewalk, and my car....just what I needed, some fresh Idaho air in the winter. At least it wasn't freezing out, it was actually quite nice.

But, can I just let you know that I am all done with winter; the snow, the blistering cold wind, freezing my toes and fingers, shoveling the dang snow, taking that extra 20 min. to sweep off the snow on the car, falling on my rear everywhere I go while people stare in amazement at my acrobatic skills, cranking the heat and paying for it literally, having wet pants and socks every time I go outside....I'm done now. You can stop.

I have to put a pretty picture in here to balance out the icky one.

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Bree said...

Totally agree with you here! I am soooo over the winter and snow. YUCK!