love & hate.

o.k., so hate is too much of an extreme but sounds better as a title than "love and dislike you right now".

My kids are the perfect representation of sibling love and rivalry. One minute, they're giving each other hugs and kisses, and then bam! they are in the middle of a shoving each other, ear-piercing scream kind of warfare which I have to break up.

It's happened so many times that now all I have to do is appear in the room and they both freeze in mid-action. *smile* I think they're getting sick of being put in the naughty corner (as super nanny adamantly imposes-i love watching that show), and getting a few bum smackings. There are still times where I have to peel 'little man' (as I call him) off his sister...although I can't quite figure out why she can't manage to do it on her own...maybe because she's such a sweetheart and he's almost her size and as strong.

I love how she yells out, "Ahhh! Stop hitting me with that car that's in your hand!", describing to me exactly what he is doing and with what he is doing it with. It makes me laugh. I desperately love these two little munchkins.

So, following are photos depicting one of their moments of "love and hate"...kind of...

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