I have been blessed with a wonderful husband, and two awesome/keep me on my toes kids. I grew up in the beautiful land called Montana, "God's Country". I was raised knowing you can't get anywhere without working hard for it, and that perseverance endures.

The next step in my life took me to the wonderful world of Seattle, where I attended the Art Institute located right smack on the shores of Puget Sound. Most of my classes overlooked the ocean water which I miss dearly. The thing I miss most about it is the vast variety of cultures all mingled together like a big family, and it's gorgeous there all year long.

I want to learn how to do everything a hair dresser does, swim with the dolphins, be a back up dancer for Janet Jackson, be more spontaneous...is that a good thing?, and meet many more people in my life than there are hairs on my head.

I dislike cold weather, having to shave my legs, raisins; especially cooked into foods, putting on makeup but I love wearing it, and being in front of the camera.

I have an affinity toward everything creative! I've crocheted many hats and scarfs, play piano & flute (not on a regular basis), been on the dance team for a University, gone through many pounds of paint and excessive sticks of charcoal, pencils, and paint brushes.

The Lord saw fit to open my eyes to photography after my second child was born. I took his cue and took the initiative to teach myself. It is the one something that makes me feel whole and allows me to jump head first into it with heart and soul. That “something” is being able to Love what I do, to express myself to others in a way that benefits not only me. I want to Live art. Create art. Breathe art. To touch someone's life with this art.

Interested?! Contact me for a session!

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