getting nowhere

Often times when I clean house, it's quite nice to see the cleanliness take form. A nice, clean, humble abode to just relax in without stressing over the mess of toys blanketing the floor of every room, dust piling on the ceiling fan, dirt and leftover crumbs from snacking embedding itself into the carpet.

Then it starts all over again the next day. I've found it very hard and trying, keeping anything clean with two little munchkins running around. Especially during the winter months, where we are forced to stay indoors from the freezing air. Cleaning has definitely been categorized in my life as never ending....really, just that. I've begun to learn to accept the fact that our home cannot always be tidy as I'd want, and it's just miniscule compared to having 2 wonderful, loving, fun children running around.

This photo is of my daughter, who found an old beat up broom on the road. She proceeded to sweep the dirt on the dirt road....getting nowhere, just like my place.

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Hollie said...

Okay I changed my mind I LOVE these ones.